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neck cancer Head and Neck Cancer Heart hematologic or solid tumors hepatocellular carcinoma HER HER2 Heterogeneity histone methyltransferase HLA-E HPV HTG EdgeSeq HTG EdgeSeq ALKPlus Assay EU HTG EdgeSeq Custom Assays HTG EdgeSeq DLBCL Cell of Origin Assay HTG EdgeSeq DLBCL-COO-CE-IVD HTG EdgeSeq Immune Response Panel HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay HTG EdgeSeq miRNA Whole Transcriptome Assay HTG EdgeSeq miRNA Whole Transcriptome Panel HTG EdgeSeq Mouse mRNA Tumor Response Panel HTG EdgeSeq Oncology Biomarker Panel HTG EdgeSeq Path Assay HTG EdgeSeq Precision Immuno-Oncology Panel HTG EdgeSeq Precision Immunol-Oncology Panel HTG EdgeSeq System HTG EdgeSeq System Oncology Biomarker Panel HTG EdgSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay HTP ibrutinib Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Immune microenvironment Immune Related Genes Immune Response Immune Tolerance Immuno-Oncology immuno-oncology agents immunohistochemistry IHC Immunologically hot tumours immunoscore Immunotherapy immunotherapy Inflammation 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Pre-pregnancy BMI-associated miRNA and mRNA expression signatures in the placenta highlight a sexually-dimorphic response to maternal underweight status

Clark, J., et al. Pre-pregnancy BMI-associated miRNA and mRNA expression signatures in the placenta highlight a sexually-dimorphic response to maternal underweight status. Scientific Reports (2021) DOI: 10.21203/

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Page last updated May 22, 2023