The HTG EdgeSeq system, assays, and software facilitate analysis of gene expression profiles from a wide variety of sample types to accelerate discovery, support translational applications and evaluate target biomarkers for companion diagnostics. The HTG EdgeSeq processor automates probe preparation for our novel chemistry that is used with next-generation sequencing (NGS) instruments. The HTG Edge host software parses the sequencing files and displays data with its simple graphical user interface.

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HTG EdgeSeq System


HTG EdgeSeq chemistry does not require nucleic acid extraction from most samples, thus reducing sample input requirements, especially from FFPE samples. It also eliminates biases associated with nucleic acid extraction, size selection, cDNA synthesis, and adapter ligation. The automation of our chemistry reduces operational errors and helps ensure sequencing libraries prepared from precious samples like FFPE tissue can be generated reproducibly. By using the system, laboratory technicians can go from raw sample to sequencing-ready libraries in as little as 36 hours, with less than three hours of hands-on time.

HTG EdgeSeq Chemistry Steps 1-3

HTG EdgeSeq Chemistry Steps 4-5

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