There are four ways to access HTG EdgeSeq technology. By deploying the HTG EdgeSeq system directly in your lab, through our VERI/O Laboratory Services, through one of HTG's Qualified Service Providers, or through one of HTG's Preferred Academic Centers of Excellence (PACE).

HTG EdgeSeq System

HTG offers automated workflow solutions for molecular profiling that can be deployed in your laboratory to help address the unique needs and challenges through every step of your projects. Our team of engineers and application scientists will provide the initial installation and training as well as ongoing support of your instrument and projects.

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The VERI/O Laboratory is a high-throughput, high-quality molecular lab solely offering HTG’s proprietary gene expression panels. VERI/O offers sample processing services and molecular profiling studies. These services are ideal for retrospective studies for our biopharma clients and academic collaborators in translational research.

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Our HTG Qualified Service Providers (QSP) program provides a global network of laboratories who can provide HTG’s gene expression panels to customers for retrospective molecular profiling. These Qualified Service Providers have the capability to establish HTG’s gene expression panels in the proper laboratory setting for use in prospective clinical trials as well.

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The goal of the Preferred Academic Centers of Excellence (PACE) program is to establish a network of both small and large academic centers committed to expanding the utility of HTG’s gene expression next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based technology in distinct areas of cancer, neurodegenerative, and auto-immune disease research.

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