HTG EdgeSeq System

The HTG EdgeSeq system simplifies gene expression profiling.

The HTG EdgeSeq processor, assays, and parser software facilitate analysis of gene expression profiles from a wide variety of specimen types to accelerate discovery, support translational applications and evaluate target biomarkers for companion diagnostics.

Our extraction-free specimen preparation and quantitative nuclease protection chemistry assays automate preparation of mRNA and miRNA targets for library preparation and next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis.  

HTG's solutions enable fast, reliable, reproducible, and quantitative analysis of thousands of targeted RNAs from a single assay in as little as 36 hours with reduced hands-on time from sample prep through data analysis. 

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  • Automation solutions quickly and reliably generate gene expression profiles 
  • Multiplex hundreds or thousands of different targets in a single reaction
  • Simplifies NGS-based workflow 
  • Eliminates technically challenging steps for reduced hands-on time 
  • Intuitive graphic user interface and simple data analysis

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HTG‘s extraction-free chemistry reduces sample input requirements and preserves valuable specimens.  The HTG EdgeSeq chemistry eliminates timely and technically challenging steps - cDNA synthesis, size selection, rRNA depletion, end repair, and adapter ligation. HTG leverages the power of NGS and yields aligned data that accurately and reproducibly quantitates gene expression profiles.HTG EdgeSeq Workflow

Gene Expression Panels

Our expertly curated gene expression panels leverage the power and sensitivity of next-generation sequencing, allowing you to measure the expression levels of a few hundred genes to whole mRNA and miRNA transcriptome. Our breakthrough technology generates results from clinically relevant samples, such as formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue, to support biomarker discovery, drug targeting, and diagnostics development.


HTG Research Use Only (RUO ) Panels

Ordering information

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HTG EDGE-SQ-100      HTG EdgeSeq system
HTG EDGE-SP-010      HTG EdgeSeq processor
HTG EDGE-PC-001      HTG Edge system PC, algorithm, accessories

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Resources and Publications

Learn more about the HTG EdgeSeq system.

HTG EdgeSeq System Workflow
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HTG EdgeSeq System Workflow Brochure
Download pdf 396KB

New tools for Biomarker Discovery Promise Personalized Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis
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HTG EdgeSeq Chemistry – Sample and Library Preparation
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HTG EdgeSeq System Product Sheet
Download pdf 283KB


Vascular Damage, Thromboinflammation, Plasmablast Activation, T-Cell Dysregulation and Pathological Histiocytic Response in Pulmonary Draining Lymph Nodes of COVID-19
Download pdf 11.1MB
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SITC cancer immunotherapy resource document: a compass in the land of biomarker discovery
Download pdf 1.0MB

Comparison of HTG-edge targeted RNA sequencing platform with whole transcriptome RNA sequencing for clinical biomarker studies
Download pdf 249KB
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Reliable Gene Expression Profiling from Small and Hematoxylin and Eosin-Stained Clinical Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Specimens Using the HTG EdgeSeq Platform
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Molecular characterization of immune-related severe adverse events (irSAE)
Download pdf 1.0MB

Molecular profiling of small cell bladder cancer (SCBC) to reveal gene expression determinants of an aggressive phenotype
Download pdf 2.4MB

Validation of our HTG EdgeSeq Platform for accurate and sensitive biomarker discovery
Download pdf 3.2MB

A Cross Comparison of Technologies for the Detection of Immune System Related Gene Expression Signatures in Clinical FFPE Samples of Metastatic Prostate Cancer Patients
Download pdf 2.2MB

Unique Endogenous Controls for Extraction-Free Targeted RNA Sequencing Assays
Download pdf 2.2MB

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