HTG Transcriptome Panel

The HTG Transcriptome Panel (HTP) is expertly designed to provide extensive coverage of most human mRNA transcripts including isoforms. The panel can simultaneously interrogate 19,398 targets using Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) samples, generating data for up to 96 samples in less than three days. HTP utilizes our proprietary workflow and leverages the sensitivity and dynamic range of next-generation sequencing (NGS), allowing researchers to generate reliable results using limited sample amount.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Features and Benefits

  • Expertly Curated Panel: Fast and easy to use solution to measure mRNA transcriptome
  • Simplify your Transcriptome Analysis: Generate comprehensive mRNA profile with our streamlined workflow
  • Extraction Free Workflow: Transcriptome analysis from limited amount and low quality RNA samples

  • Simplified Data Analysis: Provides one click solution to visualization data and generate publication ready figures

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Sample Requirements

Sample Type HTG Transcriptome Panel

Larger sample input amounts must be diluted. Please consult the assay package insert and HTG EdgeSeq System User Manual for more details. 

FFPE Tissue One or Two 5 µm sections


Differential gene expression analysis comparison between HTG Transcriptome Panel and RNA-Seq. HTP shows equivalent results using a fraction of the sample input and is able to generate higher sample pass rate when compared to RNA-Seq

Accuracy of differential expression analysis of HTG Transcriptome Panel and RNA-Seq. Pearson Cor. between the predicted and observed log fold-changes (log-FC) of HTP (A) and RNA-Seq (B).


Performance of Archival Samples

Multi-tissue FFPE samples were lysed and processed with the HTG Transcriptome Panel from blocks less than 5 years old (top row) and blocks greater than 10 years old (bottom row). HTP demonstrates excellent repeatability and offers advantages to RNA-Seq when analyzing archival samples.

Integration with HTG EdgeSeq Reveal software

HTG EdgeSeq Reveal software is a powerful, simple-to-use platform for interrogating and visualizing HTG data. The HTG Transcriptome Panel is fully compatible with the HTG EdgeSeq Reveal platform and allows users to gain insights into complex biology by applying QC metrics and using data analysis that enable researchers to gain actionable insights quickly and reliably. Specifically with HTP, there is a user adjustable gene filtering function which allows researchers to exclude genes with low or no expression from further analysis. HTG EdgeSeq Reveal contains an array of valuable biostatistical tools, such as volcano plots, heatmaps and differential gene expression analysis, that can be used to quickly generate meaningful data and reports without a complicated analysis pipeline.

Ordering Information

When placing an order, please specify the catalog number. The HTG Transcriptome Panel is compatible with Illumina sequencers

Kit Configurations for use with Illumina Sequencers

HTG-001-008 HTG Transcriptome Panel (4x8)
HTG-001-208 HTG Transcriptome Panel (2x8)
HTG-001-024 HTG Transcriptome Panel (4x24)
HTG-001-224 HTG Transcriptome Panel (1x24)
HTG-001-096 HTG Transcriptome Panel (1x96)

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Learn more about the HTG Transcriptome Panel

HTG Transcriptome Panel Probe List
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HTG Transcriptome Panel Product Sheet
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White Papers

Overview of the Design and Performance of the HTG Transcriptome Panel
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Comparison of Prototype HTG Transcriptome Panel
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Proof-of-Concept for a Whole Transcriptome Panel Using HTG EdgeSeq™ Technology
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