HTG 2022 Overview Video

HTG is a precision medicine company harnessing the power of RNA to drive translational research, clinical diagnostics and therapeutic development. HTG’s proprietary RNA technologies are designed to help better understand disease and treatment options for patients and to unlock a disruptive approach to drug discovery.


HTG Therapeutices Introduction

HTG Therapeutics is focused on utilizing its innovative technology platforms to create an entirely new generation of drug discovery tools aimed at developing therapeutic candidates with superior efficacy and safety profiles - transforming the process across a broad range of disease areas including oncology, immunology, diabetes, and rare diseases, among others.


A comparison of gene expression technologies in clinical applications

In this webcast Dr. Kerry Culm-Merdek of OncXerna and Dr. Marian Navratil of HTG Molecular review a cross-platform performance comparison study between RNA-Seq and  HTG's translational research profiling panel, the HTG EdgeSeq Precision Immuno-Oncology Panel.


HTG EdgeSeq Panels Empowers Precision Medicine

Learn about the benefits of the HTG EdgeSeq technology and how HTG is advancing precision medicine all starting with one 5 µl FFPE tissue. Get more answers from less sample.


LinkedIn Webinar: Virtual Podium 2020, Session 6, Precision Medicine

HTG joined Virtual Podium 2020 on May 1 for their Session 6 discussion on Precision Medicine.  Dr. James Cooley, HTG's Sr. Marketing Manager, Assays, presented on our new end-user bioinformatics pipeline for patient stratification in precision medicine with the HTG EdgeSeq Reveal software data analysis tool.  



HTG EdgeSeq technology and RNA-Seq technology

ASCO 2020 poster on platform comparison between HTG EdgeSeq technology and RNA-Seq narrated by HTG's Sr. Manager, Assay Development, Heather Gustafson.



The molecular landscape of oral neoplasias and the risk of progression to malignancy

ASCO 2019 Clinical Science Symposium, Dr. William from M.D. Anderson and Hospital BP in Sao Paulo Brazil presented an interesting body of work around the molecular landscape of oral neoplasias and the risk of progression to malignancy.



HTG EdgeSeq System Workflow

HTG Molecular's EdgeSeq system is a fully automated sample and library preparation method and platform for sequencing-based gene expression. 


HTG EdgeSeq Chemistry – Sample and Library Preparation

Narrated overview of the HTG EdgeSeq system sample and library preparation steps.


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