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HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay

The HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay has been designed for retrospective gene expression profiling (GEP) to complement traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing by allowing investigators to assess mRNA expression of 470 targets when tissue availability is limited. The assay enables a wide variety of applications, including pre-screening of samples to guide subsequent testing and development of novel gene signatures.

The HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay utilizes our automated                         HTG EdgeSeq system coupled with the sensitivity and dynamic range of next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based detection, and can be performed in your lab using the HTG EdgeSeq system, from our VERI/O lab as a service, or at one of the Qualified Service Provider (QSP) sites.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Features and Benefits

  • Simultaneous, quantitative detection of 470 mRNA targets, including those commonly assessed by IHC
  • Extraction-free: reduce extraction-associated data bias and sample loss
  • Reliable, reproducible performance from a single formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) needle core biopsy slide
  • Gain insights faster: results in as little as 36 hours 
  • Simplified data analysis: raw numerical data output provided in Excel format

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Sample Requirements

Sample Type HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay

Larger sample input amounts must be diluted. Please consult the assay package insert and HTG EdgeSeq System User Manual for more details. 

FFPE TissueOne 5 µm section
Cells≥3,000 cells


Repeatability Between Days (Inter-Day)

The results from three HTG EdgeSeq assay runs performed on the same processor on different days (D1P1, D2P1, D3P1) were compared to each other. Figure 1 shows the distribution of Pearson’s, r, for inter-day comparisons.


Measure gene expression levels with the HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay that can assess 470 genes using a 5 µm FFPE tissue section.  

This assay can:

  • Serve as a complement to IHC interpretation of results
  • Provide additional information when sample amount is limited 

Ordering Information

When placing an order, please specify the catalog number. The HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay is compatible with Illumina sequencers.

Kit Configurations for use with Illumina Sequencers

916-008-208 HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay (2x8) 
916-008-008 HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay (4x8) 
916-008-224 HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay (1x24) 
916-008-024 HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay (4x24) 
916-008-096 HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay (1x96) 

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Resources and Publications

Learn more about the HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay.


HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay Complete Gene List
Download pdf 418KB

HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay Product Sheet
Download pdf 528KB


Download pdf 1.1MB

Post-Sequencing Quality Control Metric for the HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay
Download pdf 133KB

Complement IHC Studies with the HTG EdgeSeq PATH Assay
Download pdf 148KB

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