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Immuno-Oncology Assay

The HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay (I/O) quantitatively measures the expression of 549 human RNA transcripts believed to be involved in the innate and adaptive immune response to cancer. The I/O assay enables comprehensive phenotypic analysis of immune infiltrates, assessment of immune activation and regulatory mechanisms, and investigation of key immuno-checkpoints. The I/O assay utilizes our automated HTG EdgeSeq system coupled with the sensitivity and dynamic range of next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based detection, and can be performed in your lab using the HTG EdgeSeq system, from our VERI/O lab as a service, or at one of the Qualified Service Provider (QSP) sites.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Features and Benefits

  • Simultaneous, quantitative measurement of 549 transcripts believed to be associated with immune response
  • Extraction-free: reduce extraction-associated data bias and sample loss
  • Reliable, reproducible performance from a single formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) needle core biopsy slide
  • Gain insights faster: results in as little as 36 hours
  • Simplified data analysis: raw numerical data output provided in Excel format

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Sample Requirements

Sample Type HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay

Larger sample input amounts must be diluted. Please consult the assay package insert and HTG EdgeSeq System User Manual for more details. 

FFPE TissueOne 5 µm section
Extracted RNA from Frozen10 - 35 ng
Extracted RNA from FFPE35 ng / 35 µl
PAXgene500 µl


The HTG EdgeSeq chemistry combined with NGS-based detection measures mRNA and provides an accurate, reproducible profile of both high- and low-expression transcripts.

Eight FFPE tumor samples were lysed and run at seven different laboratory sites using the HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay. The samples were then compared to baseline data generated from our VERI/O laboratory. Data were aligned using the HTG EdgeSeq parsing software, normalized to counts per million (CPM), and log2 transformed.

The high Pearson correlation coefficients (r) obtained demonstrate that the HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay yields highly reproducible results across operators, laboratories, and sequencing instruments.


  • Develop expression signatures
  • Research biomarkers indicative of responders vs. non-responders to treatment
  • Monitor patient response to treatment over time
  • Assess signaling pathway activation in response to stimulus
  • Assess tumor micro-environment 
  • Profile tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes

Molecular Biomarkers  

Classic immunophenotyping biomarkers
Classic immunophenotyping biomarkers
HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay
HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay

While the markers typically used in IHC  immunophenotyping show a similar immune component in the two tumors (left chart), an assement using the HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay shows differeniated response when an expanded set of genes is examined (right chart). Melanoma 1 appears to have a significant upregulation of Type I interferon-related genes while Melanoma 2 displays high levels of metastasis-associated genes.

Ordering Information

When placing an order, please specify the catalog number. The HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay is compatible with both Illumina sequencers and Thermo Fisher Ion Torrent sequencers.

Kit Configurations for use with Illumina Sequencers

916-005-208 HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay (2x8) 
916-005-008 HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay (4x8) 
916-005-224 HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay (1x24) 
916-005-024 HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay (4x24) 
916-005-096 HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay (1x96) 

Kit Configurations for use with Thermo Fisher Ion Torrent Sequencers

916-005-308 HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay (2x8) 
916-005-108 HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay (4x8) 
916-005-324 HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay (1x24) 
916-005-124 HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay (4x24)

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Resources and Publications

Learn more about the HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay


Biopharma and HTG Molecular Diagnostics Brochure
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Comprehensive Tumor Profiling of Immune Response and Systems Biology Brochure
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HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay Complete Gene List
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HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay Gene List by Group
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HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay Product Sheet
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Heterogeneity in immune biomarker expression: Detailed analysis of a case with SCLC transformation after EGFR-TKI treatment
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Multi-Site Reproducibility and Analytic Accuracy of the HTG EdgeSeq Immuno-Oncology Assay
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Advanced molecular characterization of severe autoimmune toxicities associated with checkpoint inhibitor therapies
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Stratification of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: Combinatorial Genetic, Stromal, and Immunological Markers
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Nivolumab in metastatic urothelial carcinoma after platinum therapy (CheckMate 275): a multicentre, single-arm, phase 2 trial
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Immune-related genes to predict clinical outcome of cetuximab (cet) treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC): Immuno-Oncology assay research
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Gene Expression Measurement of Immuno-Oncology Targets in a Single FFPE Section Using a Novel Targeted Sequencing Assay
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